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We promote exercise, healthy diets and lots of love here at Cockatiel Confessions.  However sometimes our friends find that they may need a little help in maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.  Our human providers may have to give us prescriptions that can be quite costly being that some medications are marked up 3000%.

I am active in promoting a discount pet RX card that will save your human anywhere from 10% to 85% on prescription medications.

Many medications for animals are just different doses of the same medications as prescribed for humans and those prescriptions can be filled at your local pharmacy.  Just ask your Vet for a written prescription when they prescribe drugs for your pet.  To find a local pharmacy and to price medication click here Pharmacy Look-up

To get the discounted pricing you will need the card.  You can obtain a card one of two ways.  Print one off the site or pick up a hard copy of the card at one of the below locations.

If you or someone you know has a pet business and would like to supply the cards in your area please contact me for details.


Dog Savvy
1402 Larimer St, Denver, CO
(303) 623-5200

For The Love of Dog
4751 Virginia Ave
Glendale, CO 80222
(303) 355-6700