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How to Eat Your Pets and Not Go To Jail!

That’s right have you ever said “That’s so cute I could just eat um up?”  Well at Cockatiel Confession we have found a place you can do just that.  I have included detailed instructions on how this should be done.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4…….

1.Decide which pet or if all of your pets would be delicious enough to eat. (Here at the farm I think Hello would pick most of us but not so much RD because he likes to roll in deer dung and that wouldn’t make him so munchy).

2. You would then go to the site and decide on size, if you want flavored icing, ribbons or gift wrapping. (I think the icing might make me look fat but it will surly make Hello fat if she ate me everyday)

3. Make order and send money!  (This lady is talented and needs to be paid for it.)   Susanna Caliendo not only produces cookies for celebrities and corporations, she has appeared on several shows spotlighting her work. (Only the best for the Z)

4. Now wait! …………. While you are waiting let’s celebrate and congratulate this weeks winner of the “What in Z World” Contest.  The picture is a close up of  Hello’s Grandmother’s rolling pin.  Hello says she made the best chickin n dumplin’s (Chicken pastery for you guys in CA)  She also made cookies!
Grandmother's Rolling Pin

I have to admit you guys are getting good.  Suzi put the answer up almost as soon as it hit the net.  I am really going to have to get tricky and pull out my harder stuff.  Kierstin Contompasis – (this girl rocks) she guessed something I was going to use in another week or so.  (Forget it too easy)  Carys Jones yes you did get it correct but Suzi beat you to the punch.  Then to my surprise Kathy from the Junk Drawer started playing and I knew I was doomed.  She claims she is not good at this and threw up a wrong answer but don’t let her fool you she invented the game.  I’ll stump you for sure…………….Are your cookies here yet?……………….Thank you everyone for playing.  I love posting when I feel like I have an audience.  Birds like an audiences as you know!  We like Cookies too.  When you get yours eat the feet first so they don’t get away.

Winners Report Here

This concludes week 4’s “What in Z World” contest.  Susi be sure to go to my Contact Us page and send me an address to send you a prize for winning.  To go to week 5’s “What in Z World” contest press here —–> Take me there!


What in Z World? (Week 5)

I wanted to bring up the bar this time.  You are going to know this or you are going to learn something new on this one.  I believe that you are going to find this very interesting.  I don’t want to give it away.  This weeks “What in Z World” picture is:

What in Z World is this?

Now if you think you know what it is be sure to submit your answers in the comments below.  If you are viewing this from an email subscription press here—–> take me to go to the web page to submit your answer.  Good Luck!

If you get this one fast I will have to peck your eyes out!  (Hee Hee, Just Joking)  Good Luck!

We have a winner! Compare your answer here—->What is it?


That’s right birds like to get drunk and once we get a taste of it we become instant alcoholics.  Consider our size compared to a human and you can see that it wouldn’t take much to get us to a joyous stupor.  This may seem funny in theory but is not the solution to your human boredom or entertainment.

As you know owning a bird can be very similar to having a toddler around the house and it is your responsibility to keep us out of trouble.  You wouldn’t feed alcohol to a baby would you?  Not even a sip is ok for our feathered friends. Birds under the influence can get into all kinds of trouble as their judgment is impaired.

Allowing your pet to fly drunk is like having a pilot take off in a jet after leaving the airport bar.  You wouldn’t want to be on that plane so consider this when you leave you beverage sitting around.  Birds have been known to fall of their perch, misjudge landings or simply drink their selves to death.

IWild Berriesn nature wild birds have found their selves in danger when they came upon the bright fermenting berries.  You may have seen this yourself if you have a Holly, Pyracantha or other berry producing plant.  You may look outside your home and see the lethargic birds just sitting all over the ground while the cat sits there licking its chops.  Not only is the bird in a drunken state of mind but the thoughts of a marinated lunch is more than a cat could ask for.  The problem is not so much the berry but the fact that the berry may have just tipped over the over ripe stage and cause the berries to become toxic.  I must warn humans that these berries are never ok for humans to consume.

This brings us to the close of week 3′s “What in Z World Contest” the photo is not a wine opener but the foil cutter that often accompanies the wine opener.  Debbie you were about to win because you were the closest but Carys Jones took the prize with her description of what it was used for.  Congrats Carys!  Be sure to go to our Contact Us page and send us your address to so I can send you a prize for taking the time to play.  Your info will always be kept private.

If your ready to play this weeks “What in Z Word” click here —- > Fly me there! and I will get your there fast!


What in Z World? (Week 4)

What in Z World is this?It is that time again when I take my usual flight around the house and find something I’m not sure what it is. I have a close-up for you to see if you can figure out what it is. Make your guess and see if you can get it. I will post a bird’s eye view so you can see if you were right. So here is this weeks What in Z World?

If you are receiving this post on email click here to go to the website to submit your guess —–> Take me there! If you are on the actual site just scroll down to the comments and put yours in.  If you have not done it yet subscribe by email to get all my confessions.  Good Luck!  Z Bird

We have a winner press here to see if you were right——-> Answer

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If you guessed that they are extremely dusty you are right!  The Cockatoos, Cockatiels and African Grey’s have a special and additional feather dander called powder.  This gives them the nick name as Powder down Birds.

The most shocking thing that Hello had to get use to when I first came to the farm was the huge cloud of dust that flies everywhere when I shake off.  She has had several other types of birds but never a Powder down Bird like me.

If you plan on getting a bird be sure to grab a feather duster.  You will need it as we love to spread the love all around.  Just remember the reason we work so hard at being beautiful is because we do it for you.  We want to be the best looking bird on the block.

There are several things that can be done to knock a portion of the dust down.  One is frequent cleaning around the cage. Don’t have carpet in the room that the cages are in.  Hardwood and tile floors are more common in bird areas.  Consider an air purifier and be sure to change the filter in the HVAC unit often.  No really often!

The easy thing to do and most bird’s love it is Bath Time!  Hello lets me take a bath about every other day.  I love to hide my head under my wings as the water falls on my back.  I look like the headless cockatiel!  Rahhhhhhh!

The Feather Duster at Cockatial Confessions

This brings me to this past weeks contest winner at “What in Z World”Sherry Simpson you were correct with it being a feather duster with no feathers.  Be sure to go to our contact page and submit your address to me so I can send you a prize.

Thanks for all that played this week’s “What in Z World”!  Be sure to subscribe so that you can stay up on what is going on here at the farm and all my fun antics.  Click here for the next “What in Z World” and Good Luck!


What in Z World? (Week 3)

Now you have my feathers ruffled.  So you guys think you are good!  Let’s see who not only knows this one but will claim it?  Try and guess what it is and put your guess in the comments below.

This weeks contest on

If you are receiving this post on email click here to go to the website to submit your guess —–> Take me there! If you are on the actual site just scroll down to the comments and put yours in.  If you have not done it yet subscribe by email to get all my confessions.  Good Luck!  Z Bird

We have a winner! Click here for the answer ——> What was it? If you want to go to (Week 4) What in Z World press here —-> I wanna play!


Do Dogs and Cats Eat Sushi?

Sushi mat for making pet and human sushiCongratulations David!  You were the winner of our “What in Z world contest”.  Your guess was the tool for making sushi rolls.  Be sure to go to my Contact Us tab and send me your address so I can send you a prize.

Speaking of sushi rolls check this out!

Pussy & Pooch is an innovative and unique pet boutique that is located in downtown Los Angeles. They cater to the urban lifestyle of modern pets and their owners.

This boutique includes a great place for you to shop for clothes, accessories and includes a Pawbar. Yes, a place for your pets to pick up their own sushi rolls. Dozens of dogs stop by there daily to enjoy raw treats, sushi rolls and dog beer. Dog beer is malted chicken or beef flavored vitamin water.

The owners believe that pets should eat as nature intended them. Each meal includes animal protein with a small amount of plant products. The plants simulate what a carnivore would find in its prey’s stomach. You will not find grain and filler foods in this place. The boutique has had so much success that they now have opened another store in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.

Pawbar at Pussy & Pooch

Sushi meal at Pussy & Pooch

S.A.D. (Species Appropriate Diet) Dog Sushi LLC is located in the Austin TX area. They also include the raw meat alternative to feeding your carnivorous pet. They have a huge assortment of rolls that are fresh, whole and made with 100% natural ingredients. So fresh that it is suitable for human consumption.

You can spend quite a bit of time looking through all the names for the sushi rolls they offer. Some of the names that stuck out for me were the “no begging beef roll” and the “dances with buffalo roll”. Their signature rolls, nigiri and sashimi offer more choices than the local supermarket. These include things like green tripe, beef sweetbreads and beef recreational bones.

Both sites claim that the benefits of feeding in the raw include better digestion, fresher breath, cleaner teeth and healthier coats. Going raw will also help pets that have food allergies and even controlling seizures. Check out these two sites and consider the raw advantages for your pets.

A raw meal for dogs at SAD Dog Sushi

One great meal from S.A.D. Dog Sushi

Be sure to play this week’s “What in Z world contest” and see if you can be the first to answer what it is.

Click here to go to the next contest ———> Fly me there!

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What in Z World? (Week 2)

I was flying around the house again and came across this weeks item.  I took a close up of it to see if you know what it is.  Add your guess in the comments.  Be sure to subscribe to the site to see if you won.  This weeks picture is:

Enter your answer in the comments

To see the winning answer to this post click here —–> Click here


I have been flying around the house and checking things out. Sometimes I come across things that I have no idea what in Z world they are. I thought I would make it fun and have a little contest and see if you can help me out. I’ll take a close up, give you a chance to guess in the comments and then I will take a birds eye view. Let’s see if you were right. I’m going to start out easy then get tricky. Be sure to subscribe to my post to see the results. Ready…..this weeks challenge is… What in Z world?….

What in Z world?

This may be too easy but if you think you can out smart the cockatiel then check back each week for another try.  They will get harder.

We have a winner!!  Click here to see the answer ——> Answer!

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