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 Charlie has Plan A

Z Bird...I have a plan!

Charlie: ZBird! I have been working on this plan for days!  I have finally figured out how we can see inside the toilet.  This way we can see if there really is a treasure!  I am so excited!  I have a list of supplies and have written the plan out!  Now you review what I have and if you have any questions just ask!

ZBird: Great job Charlie!  What do you need!

Suppliez Needed

ZBird: Charlie, I don’t understand that stack of coins is as tall as your head?  How will this help us get in the toilet?  Are you thinking if we had a head full instead of a hand full of coins (Birds don’t have hands) the humans will let us put them inside with theirs?  And who are you calling fat?

Charlie: No Bird Brain!  Look at the Plan…It was just a joke you just need to eat a whole bunch so you are heavy!

The Plan "Plan A"

Charlie:  See Zbird it is called leverage.  All we got to do is take the No. 2 pencil and wedge it under the lid!  You get to eat a whole bunch and walk out to the end.  As you walk out to the end of the pencil… the lid will lift and I will slide the coins under the lid propping it up.  Then I can look inside and see what the humans have hid in the toilet!  Got it?

Zbird:  This is a great idea Charlie!  It will be like we are real pirates trying to get a treasure.  You can be the mean pirate!  We can pretend you are nice enough to let me eat my last meal and then make me walk the plank!

Hey, Will you wear a patch and put a little human on your shoulder for fun? You could even get a peg leg!  Huh Huh?

Charlie: Zbird would you concentrate on the task at hand?  We have a lot of work to do!

Charlie slides in the pencil

Charlie: Got the pencil in place and look… I am just not heavy enough!  Zbird come here!  Get up here on the pencil!

Zbird on the plank

ZBird:  Like this Charlie?  Am I walking the plank good Mr. Bad Pirate?

Charlie: Aye go out t’ t’ end o’ t’ plank mate we need more weight!

Zbird: I be afraid t’ fall.  Let me tilt me skull and see it that will help.  Arrr!


Zbird tilts his head!

Charlie: What are you a chicken man?  Get out there.

Zbird: Blimey! Mate she be startin’ t’ move!

Charlie:  Great job!  I am going to start putting the coins in.  Did you eat a bunch like I told you?

Zbird making a great pirate!

ZBird:  All this work Charlie has left me a little bit hungry!  You think I can take a break and get me a little snack?  It could only help and I need to stretch me wings.

Charlie:  Go ahead ZBird!  I am going to check my figures anyway!  Looks like we are right on track!

The plan seems to be working!

Charlie: I can’t believe it my plan is working!  It will not be long now and we will truly know if there is actually treasures in the toilet!

Zbird:  Hey Charlie; What is this stuff with the coins all wadded up?

Zbird find  the money!

Charlie:  It is dollars man!  Humans use them to buy things!  You know like food and toys!  Now stop bugging me I am reviewing our plan!

Zbird:  Ok I will read the paper while on my break!

Zbird reads the paper

Zbird:  Oh man!  Here I am on my break and I have found a wonderful deal!  Charlie needs me to be real heavy so we can use the leverage to lift the lid on the toilet!  Here is a back to school coupon for a pizza and they actually deliver!  I bet if I ate a large pizza I would be sooooo heavy and Charlie will be so proud!  He has worked so hard on his plan it is the least I can do.  Check out my video below as I clip out the coupon while waiting for my pizza to arrive.

Ding Dong!

Pizza Guy:  Here you go!  One large pizza all the way, extra cheese and no anchovies!  That will be $21.72!

ZBird: Oh!  Shoot I just have these dollars.  Let me go get some change!

Pizza Guy:  Hey man thanks for the great tip also!

ZBird: No problem!  Me and my buddy are working on a big project and when we get done we are going to be RICH!

Charlie:  Hey where did all the coins go?

Charlie can't find the coins

Zbird: Hey Charlie take a break and get down here and get you some pizza!

Charlie:  Zbird where did you get the money for a pizza?

Zbird:  Don’t worry it is my treat!  I used all that was there and I was even nice enough to give the guy a good tip!  Can you believe I had just enough?

Charlie:  YOU BIRD BRAIN!  You used up all the coins!

Z Messes up


ZBird sits puzzled and Charlie checks in!

Another Adventure

Charlie:  What are you thinking about so hard Zbird?

Zbird:  I was thinking about something I have noticed going on in the rain room!  You ever noticed that when humans take us in there they always close the lid on seat thing?

Charlie:  Are you talking about the toilet?

What's inside?

Zbird:  Yeah!  Well what do you think they are hiding in there they don’t want us to see?

Charlie:  Hey!  That is a good question Zbird.  You are right!  Every time I go in the rain room for my shower they do the same thing.  I do wonder what is inside?

Zbird:  Charlie I think we should put our heads together and figure it out!

Charlie:  Hummmmm!


Surprise Surprise

Charlie:  Maybe it is where they keep all the goodies and surprises.  Maybe they don’t want us to see them before the big party!

Zbird:  No Charlie they would never think about something like that;  it would have to be a true secret!  Like something they wouldn’t want us to eat!  I bet they hide wonderful goodies there.  I bet they go in there and eat all night while we are asleep!  I think I know what is in there…!

Yummy!  Yummy!

Charlie: Good point Charlie!  There is all kinds of foods we can’t have and maybe they do store food in there.  What kind do you think Z?

Zbird: Baby Ruth bars!  I believe chocolate is bad for dogs and some are allergic to peanuts!  I bet they have Baby Ruth bars in there and they eat them right out of the toilet!  I bet they gorge themselves and eat them without their fingers.  I think I once saw a human with their head all the way in there.

Charlie:  That is insane Z.  Hey, think of it this way.   Maybe they were smelling something!   I think it is something beautiful and smells wonderful!  If they had their head in there I bet it has to be great!

Smells good!

Zbird:  Maybe it is great!  Charlie maybe it is bright and shiny and would hurt our eyes?  Maybe it is something so cool they think we might steal it.

Cover your eyes!

Charlie:  Oh cool!  Like a treasure Zbird?

Zbird:  Yes Charlie!  Like a treasure!  I bet there are Treasurezzz in the toilet!  We must figure out a way to get inside.

Charlie:  Great idea Zbird!  How you going to get inside is the question?  We are just birds and we have no arms.  We have to get a plan together.

Zbird:  That’s right Charlie.  We must work on a plan………


Stay tuned for (Episode 2) here at Cockatiel Confessions…..




Zbird meets Mr. Squirmski!

Just going to meet up with my friend!

Zbird decides to visit his old buddy Jack Sparrow!

Jack Sparrow's home

Jack Sparrow has a great home.  He even has a hot tub!  He will not let anyone use it because he says it is just for his lady friends!

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!  Anyone home?  Hello!

Oh MY Gees!

RaahhhKkkk!  Who are you and where is Jack Sparrow?

I’m Mr. Squirmski!  Jack went on vacation and left me in charge!  What do you want?

I have an idea!

Yes! Mr. Squirmski!  Jack hired me to do some work on his house.  A bad storm came by and he said the roof is leaking.  I must check it out.  You may hear a little knocking around but no worries I have it under control!

I'm going up!

Now this may take a while so you just go back to what you were doing and I will come get you if I need you.

Check this out!

This chimney kinda tastes good!  If I bang around a little my plan may work!

I'm doing a bang up job!

I’ll just bang on the roof for a moment!  I love when a plan comes together!

Lookey here at what I have found!

Ahhhh!  Look at what I have found. The famous hot tub!  Maybe I will get in?

Need Help!

Hey Zbird can I help you?  I thought you were working on the roof?

Oh no Mr. Squirmski.  I found the problem.  Some of this bark got damaged from the storm.  I will be working up here for a while.

Oh no!!

Oh no!  Mr. Squirmski!  The back is in awful shape.  You don’t worry about me I will be here for a long time.

Ok Zbird!  Let me know if I can help!

Ahhhh! Come on Ladies!

Let the party begin!  Ladies come to Daddy!  Ahhhh!  Who’s your Daddy?


Is that music that I hear?  What’s going on?

What!  A Party!

I’m calling the Pound!  You Birdbrain!  I knew you were up to no good!

That's It! Done!

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ZBird in the Rain Room

Here I am in the rain room just waiting for it to rain and I notice something!


Zbird and the Sweet Yummy!i
Sweet Yummy as seen

Here you will notice the black strip!  It is so soft and tender and I just love to chew on it!  I call it my sweet yummy!  When the human is not around I love to munch out on it!  I love me some sweet yummy!

A block from the sweet yummy


Here we have a block placed by the human to stop me from reaching the sweet yummy!

Double Block from the sweet yummy

Double take

Here we have what is called a double block!  The human really is protective of the sweet yummy!  But there is another side!

Another picture of ZBird in the Rain Room

Swoop Block!

This here is called the swoop block and still will not allow me to get to the sweet yummy!  But look over there.  Do you see that unobstructed sweet yummy calling me?

Zbird gets the sweet yummy

Sweeeeeetttt YummmmmmY!

Human:  “Zbird! What are you doing?  bump bump


One more block done by the human

Drats! Spoiled again!

List – A – Mean Block!





Pavo the Peacock!

Last year we followed the antics of Echo the Peacock as he ruled the roost here at the farm!  Unfortunately Echo became sick and past last summer.  Yoda his mate started hanging with Timmy the Guinea but .continued to miss here friend and pal.  We were so excited when we received the phone call that Echo’s brother was maturing and needed a farm of his own as to many male peacocks can be a problem.  We gladly accepted and are here to announce our newest addition to the farm.  Pavo the peacock!

You will notice he looks much like a turkey as his tail is not mature yet.  You can keep up with Pavo and his life here at the farm as we will continue to share his life and his relationship with Yoda!  We are hoping for eggs one day!  Welcome Pavo!

Today we are starting something new at Cockatiel Confessions as you can never have to many pets and animals to love!  Join us for our first ever Blog Hop!  You can see Zbird has tons of friends in the blogging world.  Take a moment today and check out some of his friends sites and Happy Hopping!


Saturday Pet Blog Hop

Welcome to The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, hosted by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume. Enjoy the Hop!



Charlie the parakeet

Interview with Charlie the Parakeet by Cockatiel Confessions

CC:  Charlie what is the difference between a Budgerigar and a Parakeet?

Charlie:  Depends on if you can say Budgerigar.  If you like the word Parakeet I would go with that.  I only say words that are fun and get me excited.

CC: What type of words do you like to say?

Charlie:  I like “Pretty Bird Charlie” and “What are you doing?”  I love to laugh most of all so if you say my name I just laugh.

Charlie the parakeet and his bell

CC: What type of things do you like to do?

Charlie:  I love Bells most of all!  I have several around my home.  I can entertain myself for hours just ringing my bells.  I also like to hear myself talk in my big bell.  I will stick my head inside it and talk to myself.  It makes weird echos and I like the way it sounds.

CC: Your best friend is a Cockatiel named ZBird.   Tell us more about that.

Charlie:  Not sure I would call him my best friend.  He is a true trouble maker.  He tends to get bored and starts to make this one sound that annoys Hello (our human).  When he gets real crazy with that noise she will cover him.  I like to get him started then I sit back and watch her cover him.   I always laugh. I am much smarter than ZBird!

CC: Charlie you do realize that this is my(ZBird’s) Blog and I am interviewing you?  You can’t say things like that!

Charlie:  Like what?

CC:  That you are smarter than me?

Charlie: Well this is my interview right?  I can express my opinion right?

CC: Yes! I suppose.

Charlie: Opinions are like seeds and everyone has one so I thought I would share mine.  So it is like you are getting more seeds than me and that has to mean something right?

CC: Yeah!  You are right.

Charlie:  I know so lets move on.

Charlie the budgerigar

CC: Ok Great!  Most people can’t believe that parakeets talk.  Why did you decide to?

Charlie:  I started being taught at an early age and I never had anyone else to talk to other than Hello(my human).  She said if I had a parakeet buddy I would try and be a bird and not bond with her.  She also would not let me look at myself in a mirror as that would be like I was with a bird.

CC: So hello spent a bunch of time with you teaching you to talk?

Charlie:  She would set time aside and taught me one word.  Once I got that one the rest was easier.

CC: How much time would she set aside for you?

Charlie:  Much more than that dumb loud mouth I share to room with.  That is why I get him started up with the annoying sound.  He gets covered and I get time!

CC: Charlie!  Hello I share the room with you!  Are you kidding me?  You pull that stuff?

Charlie: Yeah!  That’s how I roll!


Fun with Frogs!

Had some pictures stored away that I wanted to share of my frog friends from a Photo shoot! Enjoy the Pictures!

Frog lifting weights
“I put things down and pick things up!”
Frog workout
This is what happens when you work out your legs to much!
Frog work out
Can you spot me?

No animals are ever harmed or injured here at Cockatiel Confessions.  We are all spoiled and happy, however if you want to send us more treats and love you are welcome to.  Contact me here and I will send some homing pigeons to collect the goods!  We hope that you had a wonderful Easter.  Stay tuned as we always have something going on at the farm.

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