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Here at Cockatiel Confessions we like to keep things on the upbeat and happy side. There are already enough negative things going on in the world.

If you are a negative person you can always turn on the local news and bask in it. If you hang out with us nuts here at Cockatiel Confessions we may be able to produce a smile, a laugh or at least a “What the heck?”

Today I want to share one good story that I was able to squeeze out of our local news coverage. It is unbelievable. We have heard of cats getting under the hood of a car but a dog? This video is a wonderful story about how complete strangers come together to help a homeless puppy find a safe home.

Be sure to share this story with a pet lover nearest you as we all need to feel the love! Ahhhh!


Birds and Poisonous Plants

I ate the Devil's Ivy!Last week I took something from the Devil.

What happened was Hello was spring cleaning and moved all the furniture around.   I am an expert at linking things together to get me all the way around the room without using my wings.  She says that birds are like children “If they are quiet they are up to no good.”

I was very quiet when I approached the bowl of green stuff.   The bowl was so full it was hanging over the edge.  I was sneaky when I took my first bite out of  it’s soft green flesh!  It was good!  It was so yummy I could not stop!  I didn’t like the way it looked hanging all over the side so I decided to trim it all away.  The leaves were crisp and I loved the way they sounded as I sliced my beak through each leaf.  I was absolutely having a ball when out of no where “Z, What are you doing” made me come to a halt.  Hello whisked me up and carried me away.

Come to find out I had taken Ivy from the Devil!  I was so scared.  Would the Devil come and get me?  Hello rushed me in the bathroom where she put me in the bright light and observed me.   I was hoping that Hello was stronger than the Devil and could protect me.  All of the sudden my mouth started tasting funny.  I was trying to get the taste out by biting at the air but the burning wouldn’t stop.  The Devil had entered my belly and was taking his plant back.

Epipremnum aureum Devil's Ivy or Golden PothosHello grabbed the bird Bible.  It has lot of pictures of birds in it and words that would may save me from the Devil.   The Latin name of the plant is Epipremnum aureum.   The common everyday name is Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy.  Devil’s Ivy is not deadly for birds but can cause oral irritation. Note: Some humans have lost their pets when they ate non-poisonous plants.  What happened was they purchased or treated their plants with pesticides that were poisonous and deadly.

The Devil didn’t come get me that night but he made me feel bad for taking his plant. I don’t ever want to make the Devil mad but I sure do like that plant!


What’s Z Saying? (3)

What’s Z Saying?……

Frog in a Tub

This frog is live and well just waiting on you to comment on what he is wanting to say…….(Be the Frog)

Place your comments below!

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What in Z World? (Week 10)

Today at Cockatiel Confessions we are entering into Week 10 of the What in Z World Contest!  For you first timers here is how you play.  I have taken a close up picture of an item you may find lying around you home.  You get to guess what you think it is or what it isn’t if you don’t have a guess.  I will give you a bird’s eye view later to see if you were correct.  Winners receive a goody bag with odds and ends from Cockatiel Confessions.

What in Z World?

What is this?

Submit your answers in the comments below! (If it is your first time commenting at Cockatiel Confessions you will have to put your email address in. Your email address will stay private and not show up on the blog.) Have Fun and Good Luck!


This is a combo post! Not only are you getting to see another one of these great dancing bird video we are going to close out Week 9 of the What in Z World contest! This one was a real challenge as I ended up having to add an additional picture to get things moving.

Part 1

I guess this one could have been a little unfair as this is a real old- time item. Hello just corrected me in saying “It was not that long ago”.

Wanna play some music!

What we have here is an 8-Track! That is right! Music! How I understand it you would load this in the player and get a whole eight hits broken up into four sections.  These were the rave back in the 60′s and to have one made you cool. This one is a little beat up but if we had a player it might still play.  Can you imagine just 8 songs on this bulky thing when now we can have a GazzzzZillion on something as small as an Ipod?  I made that GazzzzZillion up because I like the Z’s in it.

This 8 Track features the group; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  It features several songs where they are together and some separately.  The songs are broken up in four groups.  The problem with these things were if you liked the last song in that group you had to listen to all the ones ahead of it.

Steve congrats on knowing the answer to Week 9 What in Z World Contest.  I will be getting up with you soon to get you your prize.   I will be posting week 10 soon so be sure to check back and see What in Z Word.

Part 2

We have seen Snowball shake his tail feathers in the past and I thought maybe another bird dancing might be just to much.  Then I just could not resist the antics of Frostie!  I felt guilty not sharing this great find.  This bird can rock and may be just about as crazy.  You know what would be cool is to see a dance off between Snowball and Frostie.  Get it cool + cold names!  Ha Ha  Be sure to watch the whole thing cause Frostie’s got moves! Enjoy.

That’s a wrap! Thanks Frostie great moves!


Every morning we look out the window and here is what we see…….


Echo and Timmy


Echo in the morning!


Echo showing his moon in the morning.


Zart! (Birds on a Wire)

Today I am exhibiting an original piece of work that was done by my very own human!  Hello did this back in 1988 for a project in school.  I found this deep in her closet.  I decided to feature it because it had animals, she made it and gave me the ok to show it and I thought it was just cool.  If you really look at it you will see how it was made.  The actual original was made with a 6×6 inch sheet of black paper.  She cut out the design with an X-acto knife. (I am not allowed to play with those)  Then she folded the cut outs to the outside and glued them down. Cool huh!  Over the years it fell apart so she made this one with pen and ink.

Done by Hello

I love to share creative things!  If you or someone you know has something that we can feature on “Zart” be sure to let me know!  The only requirements are.   It has to be animal themed, you are the actual artist and give me permission to use it and I have to like it!  Be sure to Contact me if you have a goody you want to share.


What in Z World?It is spring here at the farm and things have been quite busy!  I have been doing some spring cleaning around my cage and decided it was time to spring clean the blog also.

Spring is a great time to take the cages outside and give them a strong once over.  Air the rugs out, shave the dog, re-pot the no-no plant and move the Finch cage!!

My first task for the blog is to close out the “What in Z World” Week 8 contest!  Teri said the item looks like some crazy sort of torture device for cats.

And now the answer!I wanted to try it out on Smoky but Hello said that was being ugly and it is very hard to turn because it is so old.  Jan Santor came in the closest as she guessed that it was a capping device.   You were sooooo close that I am going to award you as the winner; however, the item is actually for opening jars.  Here is a picture of the bottom.   I think it would be cool for everything to have instructions on the bottom and then you would never have to guess what to do with it.  Mine would read:

How to handle the Z.The next item on my list is to help you guys out with “What in Z World” Week 9. I have added an additional picture to help in your guess.  To go to this link click here.——->  (Week 9) Once we reach week 10 I am going to start mixing things up.  I have decided not to do the What in Z world contest every week because I have some new series that I want to start. (More on this later)  Weeks will then become Items opening the site to more of my antics.

Current series and contest include:

What in Z World?

What’s Z saying?

You Gotta Z This!

Z…art! (If you are an artist and want me to feature some of your pet artwork on my site please contact me)

New and up coming series, contest, games and stories.

Wordz from Z’s Ghetto!

What’s Z Difference?

Treasurez in the Toilet.

Dogz vs. Catz

The Pool to Pond Conversion.  (Hello is converting the pool into a huge Kio Pond)

Bustin into Z Beez (The hive has not been touched for years)

FunZ’s and much, much more….

Be sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss out on all these cool things and any of my confessions.  I love being crazy and knowing that I have fans that like to laugh, comment or just shake your head at me makes it all worth while.  Your buddy and friend….Z Bird!

P.S It’s gonna be fun!


I’m no Artist! … Or am I? I have seen my share of art in my pea pecking days and I still don’t get the white canvas with the Red dot off to the right! I’m not paying $10,000 for that! Modern/Contemporary/Abstract call it what you want!

ZBird Warholizing.egg by ZBird1 on Aviary

by ZBird1 on Aviary

What I have here is an original work that I did myself. I not only have included several different colors from my pallet but an actual image of a very famous bird! +3 (plus 3) That is right 4 separate images of myself in an array of colors. This is a wonderful deal. I went totally green and used no paper, canvas or paint! Totally intangible! If you look closely in the center you may find some words but just look closely. Don’t read anymore until you look!!!…………Look again!……… Ok .. so you didn’t see the words… I said you may and….maybe you did but I did not include any so you got a bonus if you did.

I am going to give my readers a special deal of the day. I am only going to charge you for looking at this fine piece of art and I know that you looked for those words and all because you trust the Z Bird. I trust you too! That is what friendship is all about right? I also trust that you are going to correctly calculate how long you looked at the artwork. Us being friends and all you may even look again to make me feel like my art impressed you and it’s so stunning that you could not take your eyes off it. When I made it I was stunned myself and you can see it by the tilt of my head in the actual piece. This is a total action shot! +3 (plus 3) That is a lot of action for one piece of art! I bet if you could touch it your finger would burn from all that action.

Art is hard work and you have to put a ton of thought into it. I put a lot of hard work and thought into what I thought was fair compensation for my piece of art and being that you are such a great friend I want to give you a special deal. For all the ladies you can pay me in air smooches and for you guys in thumbs ups. That’s right 1 air smooch/thumbs up for every second you looked at this incredible, fantastic piece of art! Be sure to take one more goooood look and make sure this is the piece that you want because it is going to go fast and who knows when I will have enough energy to do art again? Enjoy!


Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo

You can go to YouTube and see many videos on dancing birds!  You will also find a great number of the videos star a Medium Sulphur Crested Eleanora Cockatoo named Snowball.  You may have woke up this morning and the first thing that crossed your mind was “I wonder if a bird has rhythm?”  Well leave it to your ole buddy Z bird to bring you this video of Snowball simply answering this question.   Here’s the set up:

1. The video is a little long but trust me you are going to want to see these highlights.  If your looking for cliff notes or game hints here they are.

0-1:00= Cool!  Snowball has got this little foot thing down and yes he has rhythm.

1:36 = Hello loves that move he starts there.  The way the feet turn in and out!

2:00 – Snowball gets the head in the action!  You don’t want to miss the bob!

3:00 – Snowball pauses to decide his next move and then Bam!

3:26 – He now rolls the head all the way around!  Really getting into it!

3:46 – This bird just looses it!  I mean just wild and he knows it!

The rest of the video you are just in shock wondering how this birds head is still on and yelling for others to come and see.  Please enjoy today’s “You Gotta Z This”   Rock on!

If you would like to learn more about Snowball’s story you can go visit his site at Bird Lovers Only or you can go to the Bird Lovers Only Blog. Snowball has traveled all over with his dancing talents and is involved in many fund raisers.   Go Snowball you’re my hero!

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