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ZBird in the Rain Room

Here I am in the rain room just waiting for it to rain and I notice something!


Zbird and the Sweet Yummy!i
Sweet Yummy as seen

Here you will notice the black strip!  It is so soft and tender and I just love to chew on it!  I call it my sweet yummy!  When the human is not around I love to munch out on it!  I love me some sweet yummy!

A block from the sweet yummy


Here we have a block placed by the human to stop me from reaching the sweet yummy!

Double Block from the sweet yummy

Double take

Here we have what is called a double block!  The human really is protective of the sweet yummy!  But there is another side!

Another picture of ZBird in the Rain Room

Swoop Block!

This here is called the swoop block and still will not allow me to get to the sweet yummy!  But look over there.  Do you see that unobstructed sweet yummy calling me?

Zbird gets the sweet yummy

Sweeeeeetttt YummmmmmY!

Human:  “Zbird! What are you doing?  bump bump


One more block done by the human

Drats! Spoiled again!

List – A – Mean Block!





Here at Cockatiel Confessions we like to keep things on the upbeat and happy side. There are already enough negative things going on in the world.

If you are a negative person you can always turn on the local news and bask in it. If you hang out with us nuts here at Cockatiel Confessions we may be able to produce a smile, a laugh or at least a “What the heck?”

Today I want to share one good story that I was able to squeeze out of our local news coverage. It is unbelievable. We have heard of cats getting under the hood of a car but a dog? This video is a wonderful story about how complete strangers come together to help a homeless puppy find a safe home.

Be sure to share this story with a pet lover nearest you as we all need to feel the love! Ahhhh!


Birds and Poisonous Plants

I ate the Devil's Ivy!Last week I took something from the Devil.

What happened was Hello was spring cleaning and moved all the furniture around.   I am an expert at linking things together to get me all the way around the room without using my wings.  She says that birds are like children “If they are quiet they are up to no good.”

I was very quiet when I approached the bowl of green stuff.   The bowl was so full it was hanging over the edge.  I was sneaky when I took my first bite out of  it’s soft green flesh!  It was good!  It was so yummy I could not stop!  I didn’t like the way it looked hanging all over the side so I decided to trim it all away.  The leaves were crisp and I loved the way they sounded as I sliced my beak through each leaf.  I was absolutely having a ball when out of no where “Z, What are you doing” made me come to a halt.  Hello whisked me up and carried me away.

Come to find out I had taken Ivy from the Devil!  I was so scared.  Would the Devil come and get me?  Hello rushed me in the bathroom where she put me in the bright light and observed me.   I was hoping that Hello was stronger than the Devil and could protect me.  All of the sudden my mouth started tasting funny.  I was trying to get the taste out by biting at the air but the burning wouldn’t stop.  The Devil had entered my belly and was taking his plant back.

Epipremnum aureum Devil's Ivy or Golden PothosHello grabbed the bird Bible.  It has lot of pictures of birds in it and words that would may save me from the Devil.   The Latin name of the plant is Epipremnum aureum.   The common everyday name is Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy.  Devil’s Ivy is not deadly for birds but can cause oral irritation. Note: Some humans have lost their pets when they ate non-poisonous plants.  What happened was they purchased or treated their plants with pesticides that were poisonous and deadly.

The Devil didn’t come get me that night but he made me feel bad for taking his plant. I don’t ever want to make the Devil mad but I sure do like that plant!


I have an IdeaA Birds Bad Dream

Last night I had this crazy dream!  I dreamed that I was playing the headless cockatiel like I do in the shower and my actual head fell off and down into the bottom of my cage.  It disappeared down in the bubbles from “Can Someone Pass Me the Soap”.  I guess I fell right off the perch and all I could think about is saving my head from disappearing in the bubbles.  I started flapping my wings real hard to blow all the bubbles away from my head.  Hello woke me up by making it daylight with a light bulb and told me to calm down.  She checked my wings for broken blood feathers and would you believe?  My head was just where I left it.

Did you know that it is common for birds to have night frights?  This is why it is important to be sure you keep a night light or a soft light on in the room where a bird sleeps.  Night frights can be dangerous to birds because we can hurt ourselves on toy or break our blood feathers.  Broken blood feathers can cause a bird to bleed to death because it acts as a straw and will not let the wound close up.  If you ever have a broken blood feather you better hope that your person knows how to pull that feather all the way out and save your life.

This is when my idea hit me.

It would be cool to have a light bulb installed right above my head.  It would be like the idea light that appears except this one is there all the time.  Just imagine if I wake up the light comes on and when I sleep it dims out.  If you saw someone with their light out you would know that they were not home and if someone ever had a bad idea it would crack or explode.  Dummies would always be broke from buying bulbs and all the smart ones would be popular.  We would be the life of the party and could light up people’s life.  All the bad guys would wear black lights and all the naughty girls would wear red ones.

You Light up my life!I would be really smart and get the new florescent bulb because they may cost a little more but last 5 to 6 times longer and saves energy.  They also have the coolest shapes!  Teri knows all about florescent bulbs because she was the winner of  “What in Z World Contest Week 7” The picture was a close up of a long florescent bulb that had a bad idea in the kitchen.  Teri be sure to go to my Contact Us page and give me an address to send you a prize and thanks so much for playing.  I bet Teri has a bright light over her head as she is really smart.

I want to ask you guys…..If you had a chance to have a common household item just poof out of no where that you could use what would it be?

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It surprised me to find that the Queen travels with candy.  I am not talking about the Queen of England’s Dorgis (Dachshund X Corgis mix) dog named Candy but a Queen Bee.  That’s right an actual Queen Bee.  This week I stumped everyone playing “What in Z Word” with my weird little boxy thing.

What more pets?…..

See when going down the list of pets here at the farm I neglected to tell you the pet count included bees.  Really the reason was I sent over the 2010 Census forms and they have not sent them back yet.  I can’t seem to find anyone here to go knock on the door to get the answers.

What is that Weird Little Boxy Thing?……

Ok, Ok, See in every hive there are thousand of bees but only one Queen.  During the spring build up a healthy queen bee will lay about 2000 eggs a day.  She will do this for several years.  As one can imagine this chick gets worn slap out and she will have to be replaced with a new energized fresh queen bee at some point.  This happens naturally in nature using several different methods.  For the hobbyist or professional this can become a matter of production or to protect the survival of the colony.

Bee enthusiast will periodically shop for a queen and the weird little boxy thing is what the queen travels in.

The Queens Travel Box

So What’s Up With The Candy?……

You can’t just throw a new queen in an already existing hive and think it is going to go over well.  No way!  Bees are very protective about their hive.  The Queen simply has to be introduced to the colony.  The colony can consist of about 40,000 to 60,000 bees so a receiving line is out of the question.  The little boxy thing provides security to the queen while the new colony adjusts to her scent.  When the queen is placed inside the box a small piece of candy plugs the hole and keeps her from escaping.  The queen will not eat the candy because she has to be feed by the workers.  Queens only lay eggs. (Period)  Once the box is placed in the hive the worker bees begin to pass by the box touching the queen and spreading her scent around the hive and taking a small chunk of candy off of the end.  Like a gift!  Eventually the candy is all gone and the queen’s scent is all over the place offering her an opportunity to leave her chariot and become a part of this new colony.  Cool huh!

Candy here!

Another thing that is cool is that Steve had the winning answer to this weeks “What in Z World” contest.  Congrats!  Be sure to go to our Contact Us page and send us your address to so I can send you a prize for taking the time to play.  Your info will always be kept private.

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That’s right birds like to get drunk and once we get a taste of it we become instant alcoholics.  Consider our size compared to a human and you can see that it wouldn’t take much to get us to a joyous stupor.  This may seem funny in theory but is not the solution to your human boredom or entertainment.

As you know owning a bird can be very similar to having a toddler around the house and it is your responsibility to keep us out of trouble.  You wouldn’t feed alcohol to a baby would you?  Not even a sip is ok for our feathered friends. Birds under the influence can get into all kinds of trouble as their judgment is impaired.

Allowing your pet to fly drunk is like having a pilot take off in a jet after leaving the airport bar.  You wouldn’t want to be on that plane so consider this when you leave you beverage sitting around.  Birds have been known to fall of their perch, misjudge landings or simply drink their selves to death.

IWild Berriesn nature wild birds have found their selves in danger when they came upon the bright fermenting berries.  You may have seen this yourself if you have a Holly, Pyracantha or other berry producing plant.  You may look outside your home and see the lethargic birds just sitting all over the ground while the cat sits there licking its chops.  Not only is the bird in a drunken state of mind but the thoughts of a marinated lunch is more than a cat could ask for.  The problem is not so much the berry but the fact that the berry may have just tipped over the over ripe stage and cause the berries to become toxic.  I must warn humans that these berries are never ok for humans to consume.

This brings us to the close of week 3′s “What in Z World Contest” the photo is not a wine opener but the foil cutter that often accompanies the wine opener.  Debbie you were about to win because you were the closest but Carys Jones took the prize with her description of what it was used for.  Congrats Carys!  Be sure to go to our Contact Us page and send us your address to so I can send you a prize for taking the time to play.  Your info will always be kept private.

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Do Dogs and Cats Eat Sushi?

Sushi mat for making pet and human sushiCongratulations David!  You were the winner of our “What in Z world contest”.  Your guess was the tool for making sushi rolls.  Be sure to go to my Contact Us tab and send me your address so I can send you a prize.

Speaking of sushi rolls check this out!

Pussy & Pooch is an innovative and unique pet boutique that is located in downtown Los Angeles. They cater to the urban lifestyle of modern pets and their owners.

This boutique includes a great place for you to shop for clothes, accessories and includes a Pawbar. Yes, a place for your pets to pick up their own sushi rolls. Dozens of dogs stop by there daily to enjoy raw treats, sushi rolls and dog beer. Dog beer is malted chicken or beef flavored vitamin water.

The owners believe that pets should eat as nature intended them. Each meal includes animal protein with a small amount of plant products. The plants simulate what a carnivore would find in its prey’s stomach. You will not find grain and filler foods in this place. The boutique has had so much success that they now have opened another store in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.

Pawbar at Pussy & Pooch

Sushi meal at Pussy & Pooch

S.A.D. (Species Appropriate Diet) Dog Sushi LLC is located in the Austin TX area. They also include the raw meat alternative to feeding your carnivorous pet. They have a huge assortment of rolls that are fresh, whole and made with 100% natural ingredients. So fresh that it is suitable for human consumption.

You can spend quite a bit of time looking through all the names for the sushi rolls they offer. Some of the names that stuck out for me were the “no begging beef roll” and the “dances with buffalo roll”. Their signature rolls, nigiri and sashimi offer more choices than the local supermarket. These include things like green tripe, beef sweetbreads and beef recreational bones.

Both sites claim that the benefits of feeding in the raw include better digestion, fresher breath, cleaner teeth and healthier coats. Going raw will also help pets that have food allergies and even controlling seizures. Check out these two sites and consider the raw advantages for your pets.

A raw meal for dogs at SAD Dog Sushi

One great meal from S.A.D. Dog Sushi

Be sure to play this week’s “What in Z world contest” and see if you can be the first to answer what it is.

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Doggie Workout!

Today I was pecking out the net and came across this video. I really don’t know what to say. If your New Year’s resolution was to get in better shape don’t forget your furry friend. This is a short workout and a great time to bond. Grab a chair and turn it up! It’s time for a workout!

LMFO (Laughing my feathers off)

Link to this on YouTube


Dogs in the Cold Weather

Black LabThey are calling for some more bad weather here at the farm.  The issue came up because R.D. (our elderly canine) was shaking.  Was it arthritis setting in his pelvis he had broken when he was young?  Was he in pain? Had he heard something and was afraid or was he just chilled to the bone?   I jumped right on the Internet and went to pecking away.  These are some facts that I learned about how to protect our K-9s in the cold weather and snow.

Provide Good Shelter

If you have to keep your dog outside be sure to give them a dry place to sleep.  Provide them with a blankets or straw to keep them off cold hard surfaces.  Be sure to check blankets for dampness as dogs tend to not dry off before getting in bed.  Don’t depend on a light bulb or any kind of space heaters because they are a huge fire hazard.  There are heated dog pads that work well and have been tested for safety.   Don’t leave your K-9 in the garage or car while you heat it up.  Carbon monoxide is a killer.

Keep A Check On Food And Water

Just because your dog loves licking at the snow don’t assume that he is getting enough water.  Dogs need to be well hydrated and bellies full when the weather is cold.  Be sure to check water bowls often from being frozen.  Many humans think of topping off their radiators with anti-freeze during these times and may spill or leave containers sitting around.  Anti-freeze is like sugar water to dogs and it only takes a couple of licks to make them very sick or die. Another helpful tip is to keep a gallon of fresh water in storage in case you have a power outage and they can’t get you back online right away.

Photo credit Shannon Pifko

Ice and Snow

It many be funny to see the puzzled look on the face of our unsuspecting K-9

as they slide across the ice on a ground that they have traveled many times before.   Be sure to think about how you would feel if you took that hard fall.  Dogs don’t understand what is going on and the dangers that can exist.  You wouldn’t let a child go barreling out the door so use the same caution with your pets.  Bad falls can cause injuries and the bad weather conditions may hinder you from getting your pet good medical attention.

Another concern is when your dog is having the time of his life playing in the snow.  You may not realize that snow balls are building up between their toes.  These can become painful and yes pets can get frost bite.  Beware of your dog stopping to bite at their feet.  This could be a sign that they are getting a build up of snow or ice balls.  If your dog is going to be playing in the snow you can apply a small amount of cooking oil or Pam on their paws and between their toes to protect them.  Make sure you use something that they can digest as you know they like to lick their paws.

Pet Outerwear

Older dogs, puppies and short haired dogs have a very hard time getting warm in the cold weather. If your dog is going to be spending an extended time out in the cold get them a sweater or dog coat. These should only be used under supervision because they could get the clothing caught on something causing them injury or death. There are many stores that carry great outerwear for pets.

If the forecasters are predicting the temperatures to drop below freezing be sure to think of your pets and protect them. It’s your job as a pet owner!

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