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Pavo the Peacock!

Last year we followed the antics of Echo the Peacock as he ruled the roost here at the farm!  Unfortunately Echo became sick and past last summer.  Yoda his mate started hanging with Timmy the Guinea but .continued to miss here friend and pal.  We were so excited when we received the phone call that Echo’s brother was maturing and needed a farm of his own as to many male peacocks can be a problem.  We gladly accepted and are here to announce our newest addition to the farm.  Pavo the peacock!

You will notice he looks much like a turkey as his tail is not mature yet.  You can keep up with Pavo and his life here at the farm as we will continue to share his life and his relationship with Yoda!  We are hoping for eggs one day!  Welcome Pavo!

Today we are starting something new at Cockatiel Confessions as you can never have to many pets and animals to love!  Join us for our first ever Blog Hop!  You can see Zbird has tons of friends in the blogging world.  Take a moment today and check out some of his friends sites and Happy Hopping!


Saturday Pet Blog Hop

Welcome to The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, hosted by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume. Enjoy the Hop!



What in Z World?It is spring here at the farm and things have been quite busy!  I have been doing some spring cleaning around my cage and decided it was time to spring clean the blog also.

Spring is a great time to take the cages outside and give them a strong once over.  Air the rugs out, shave the dog, re-pot the no-no plant and move the Finch cage!!

My first task for the blog is to close out the “What in Z World” Week 8 contest!  Teri said the item looks like some crazy sort of torture device for cats.

And now the answer!I wanted to try it out on Smoky but Hello said that was being ugly and it is very hard to turn because it is so old.  Jan Santor came in the closest as she guessed that it was a capping device.   You were sooooo close that I am going to award you as the winner; however, the item is actually for opening jars.  Here is a picture of the bottom.   I think it would be cool for everything to have instructions on the bottom and then you would never have to guess what to do with it.  Mine would read:

How to handle the Z.The next item on my list is to help you guys out with “What in Z World” Week 9. I have added an additional picture to help in your guess.  To go to this link click here.——->  (Week 9) Once we reach week 10 I am going to start mixing things up.  I have decided not to do the What in Z world contest every week because I have some new series that I want to start. (More on this later)  Weeks will then become Items opening the site to more of my antics.

Current series and contest include:

What in Z World?

What’s Z saying?

You Gotta Z This!

Z…art! (If you are an artist and want me to feature some of your pet artwork on my site please contact me)

New and up coming series, contest, games and stories.

Wordz from Z’s Ghetto!

What’s Z Difference?

Treasurez in the Toilet.

Dogz vs. Catz

The Pool to Pond Conversion.  (Hello is converting the pool into a huge Kio Pond)

Bustin into Z Beez (The hive has not been touched for years)

FunZ’s and much, much more….

Be sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss out on all these cool things and any of my confessions.  I love being crazy and knowing that I have fans that like to laugh, comment or just shake your head at me makes it all worth while.  Your buddy and friend….Z Bird!

P.S It’s gonna be fun!


What’s Z Saying?

So here is a little ongoing game I invite everyone to play!  It’s called What’s Z saying?  As the saying goes “A picture is worth 1000 words.”  So here is your chance.  I’m going to put up picture of pets and you get to put in what you think they would be saying…. I am sure that we are going to see some really cleaver comments!  Sooooooo….What’s Z Saying?…..

What do you think?
Be sure to put your answers in the comments below.  If you are receiving this by email press here—-> Take me!  to find comments easy.  Have fun!!!


Yes it has happened!  We knew that it would!  It was a matter of time.  Echo has now started to dance.  As many of you know Echo ( the Peacock) is our latest addition to the farm.  He is less than one year old and being that it takes about two years for a Peacock to reach full maturity we were not sure if we would see the dance or not.

Echo's first dance!His tail is short and he looks like a fancy Turkey.  He struts around looking all handsome and stoic.  Echo truly gets into it.  He is so funny how he will fixate his eyes on something like the cat (Smokey) and puff out.  Smoky is not the least bit interested in Echo’s efforts to look huge and will often look off to the side.  Echo begins his approach by vibrating his tail, arching his neck and not taking the smallest blink of the eye.  Smokey lays down on the ground as if to say “Wake me up when this is over tuff guy”.

The whole thing always blows over as Yoda (Peahen) walks right in front of Echo chasing a bug or some other item that catches her eye.  Notice that no one really cares about Echo’s dance but Echo.  Poor guy.

Peacocks are not the only type of bird that uses its feathers to get attention.  I have found some of my Facebook friends that like to strut their stuff.

Milton being a hamThere is not a shortage of Cockatoos on the net spreading their feathers in play and showing how big and wild they can be. Here we have Milton spreading not only his wings but his crown. I’m just a cockatiel and would flip right out if I saw this guy in a dark alley. Milton’s human helper is Barb Vagg and says that Milton is always hamming it up. Thanks for the cool picture Milton.

Keiker playingI am not sure if Cockatoos can cook but it looks like Keiker is chasing someone out of the kitchen. Maybe his favorite show on animal planet just came on and he is rushing to the big box.  Hello says he looks like a little white teddy bear and she wants to just swoop him up. This makes me mad because I already have to split my time with Charlie. Keiker don’t you come running round stealing my human.

Bella acting like a Peacock
This is not the back end of a little peacock. This is the tail spread of a cockatiel like me. My friend’s Freddie and Sarah shared this picture of Bella and what a show. I have been spending most of my time lately getting my tail feathers ready. I had no idea that I could do this. I do wonder if Bella is taking one of those boga (bird yoga) classes?

As you can see you don’t have to have a peacock around the house to have a great show. Birds love to have fun and showing off for our humans are one of the best times we have. So if you see us doing our dance you better watch or I’ll send my buddy Milton over to wake you up! Raaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa!

If you enjoyed reading about me and my friends be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you can get all of my confessions. It’s gonna be fun! Z Bird


We Got These Peacocks!

Hello always dreamed of pulling up in the driveway and being greeted by all types of animals.  Currently when she takes a walk around the farm she has two dogs, a cat and guinea fowl to accompany her.  It seems only natural being the pet lover that she is that she would have hopes of adding a peacock to the bunch.

Yoda the PeahenEnter Princess Yoda!  The peahen came first to the farm. Her age is unknown but she has a green neck and seems afraid.  She got her name simply from her first day at the farm.  She spent the morning making a honking sound.  The sound reminded Hello of a small truck coming down the road and honking the horn.  She decided that it sounded like a Toyota and however from that we ended up with the name.

Hello knew the male would be here soon as she was waiting for him to get old enough to leave his mother.  Hello had been to another farm where she seen a couple of peafowl.  The owners were kind enough to offer their male peacock to come live on our farm as two adult males would fight.

Echo as a baby hanging with his MomHis name is Echo as he has the same honk as Yoda but with a little bit more.  Echo was born white just like his Mother.  As he gets older he will change colors and be grand like his Father.  His tale is not so long now but when it is full grown he will be about 6 foot long from head to the tips of his tail.

Hello wanted the peafowl to free range on the farm.  This will allow them to roam around the farm without being confined to a pen.  She started by keeping them in a pen for about 2 months and feeding them treats.  One day she allowed them out of the pen and they walked around just a bit and returned.  The next day they flew off and up high in a large tree.  The next morning they were gone.  Hello was sad as she walked out to the barn for one last look.

When returning to the house something caught her eye.  It was Echo looking down at her from the top of the garage.  He was so glad to see her that he jumped down and ran to the barn to see if she had left a treat behind.  She promptly locked him in.  That evening he honked for Yoda.  You could hear her honk back from very far away.  It took her two days to make it back home.

Peacock and PeahenYoda and Echo have now reunited and are living in the barn.  The door stays open but the peafowl have made it the safe haven and don’t come out very often.  Echo got caught outside the barn one night when a large snow storm came up.  There wasn’t anything that Hello could do because he perched way up high in a tree.  She worried all night but sure enough the next morning you found Echo safe in the barn.

Hello put a mirror on the floor because most birds love to look and will not stray far from their mirror image. It works well as they tend to stay there much of the day. Echo is slowly changing color and you can see he has a short tail now. It will take about two years for Echo to look as wonderful as his Father.

Welcome to the farm Princess Yoda and Echo I am sure we are going to hear a lot about you guys.

Echo's Father

Echo's Father

Be sure to subscribe to our email updates as we discover the wild world of peafowl ownership. Will Echo dance in the spring? Will Yoda run away again looking for love? Stay tuned to get these answers.

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