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I’m no Artist! … Or am I? I have seen my share of art in my pea pecking days and I still don’t get the white canvas with the Red dot off to the right! I’m not paying $10,000 for that! Modern/Contemporary/Abstract call it what you want!

ZBird Warholizing.egg by ZBird1 on Aviary

by ZBird1 on Aviary

What I have here is an original work that I did myself. I not only have included several different colors from my pallet but an actual image of a very famous bird! +3 (plus 3) That is right 4 separate images of myself in an array of colors. This is a wonderful deal. I went totally green and used no paper, canvas or paint! Totally intangible! If you look closely in the center you may find some words but just look closely. Don’t read anymore until you look!!!…………Look again!……… Ok .. so you didn’t see the words… I said you may and….maybe you did but I did not include any so you got a bonus if you did.

I am going to give my readers a special deal of the day. I am only going to charge you for looking at this fine piece of art and I know that you looked for those words and all because you trust the Z Bird. I trust you too! That is what friendship is all about right? I also trust that you are going to correctly calculate how long you looked at the artwork. Us being friends and all you may even look again to make me feel like my art impressed you and it’s so stunning that you could not take your eyes off it. When I made it I was stunned myself and you can see it by the tilt of my head in the actual piece. This is a total action shot! +3 (plus 3) That is a lot of action for one piece of art! I bet if you could touch it your finger would burn from all that action.

Art is hard work and you have to put a ton of thought into it. I put a lot of hard work and thought into what I thought was fair compensation for my piece of art and being that you are such a great friend I want to give you a special deal. For all the ladies you can pay me in air smooches and for you guys in thumbs ups. That’s right 1 air smooch/thumbs up for every second you looked at this incredible, fantastic piece of art! Be sure to take one more goooood look and make sure this is the piece that you want because it is going to go fast and who knows when I will have enough energy to do art again? Enjoy!


Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo

You can go to YouTube and see many videos on dancing birds!  You will also find a great number of the videos star a Medium Sulphur Crested Eleanora Cockatoo named Snowball.  You may have woke up this morning and the first thing that crossed your mind was “I wonder if a bird has rhythm?”  Well leave it to your ole buddy Z bird to bring you this video of Snowball simply answering this question.   Here’s the set up:

1. The video is a little long but trust me you are going to want to see these highlights.  If your looking for cliff notes or game hints here they are.

0-1:00= Cool!  Snowball has got this little foot thing down and yes he has rhythm.

1:36 = Hello loves that move he starts there.  The way the feet turn in and out!

2:00 – Snowball gets the head in the action!  You don’t want to miss the bob!

3:00 – Snowball pauses to decide his next move and then Bam!

3:26 – He now rolls the head all the way around!  Really getting into it!

3:46 – This bird just looses it!  I mean just wild and he knows it!

The rest of the video you are just in shock wondering how this birds head is still on and yelling for others to come and see.  Please enjoy today’s “You Gotta Z This”   Rock on!

If you would like to learn more about Snowball’s story you can go visit his site at Bird Lovers Only or you can go to the Bird Lovers Only Blog. Snowball has traveled all over with his dancing talents and is involved in many fund raisers.   Go Snowball you’re my hero!


What in Z World? (Week 9)

This week on “What in Z World” I had a picture that I was going to use and I thought…These guys are getting good so I cropped it to make it even harder. Let’s see how good you really are. Take a guess at what common household item this is and I will later give you a bird’s eye view to see if you are correct. Good Luck!

Do you know?

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This one seems to have stumped everyone so I am adding a picture to help you out!

Another View

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M R Ducks

M R DucksPart 2

What the heck?

Crazy Birds



I have an IdeaA Birds Bad Dream

Last night I had this crazy dream!  I dreamed that I was playing the headless cockatiel like I do in the shower and my actual head fell off and down into the bottom of my cage.  It disappeared down in the bubbles from “Can Someone Pass Me the Soap”.  I guess I fell right off the perch and all I could think about is saving my head from disappearing in the bubbles.  I started flapping my wings real hard to blow all the bubbles away from my head.  Hello woke me up by making it daylight with a light bulb and told me to calm down.  She checked my wings for broken blood feathers and would you believe?  My head was just where I left it.

Did you know that it is common for birds to have night frights?  This is why it is important to be sure you keep a night light or a soft light on in the room where a bird sleeps.  Night frights can be dangerous to birds because we can hurt ourselves on toy or break our blood feathers.  Broken blood feathers can cause a bird to bleed to death because it acts as a straw and will not let the wound close up.  If you ever have a broken blood feather you better hope that your person knows how to pull that feather all the way out and save your life.

This is when my idea hit me.

It would be cool to have a light bulb installed right above my head.  It would be like the idea light that appears except this one is there all the time.  Just imagine if I wake up the light comes on and when I sleep it dims out.  If you saw someone with their light out you would know that they were not home and if someone ever had a bad idea it would crack or explode.  Dummies would always be broke from buying bulbs and all the smart ones would be popular.  We would be the life of the party and could light up people’s life.  All the bad guys would wear black lights and all the naughty girls would wear red ones.

You Light up my life!I would be really smart and get the new florescent bulb because they may cost a little more but last 5 to 6 times longer and saves energy.  They also have the coolest shapes!  Teri knows all about florescent bulbs because she was the winner of  “What in Z World Contest Week 7” The picture was a close up of a long florescent bulb that had a bad idea in the kitchen.  Teri be sure to go to my Contact Us page and give me an address to send you a prize and thanks so much for playing.  I bet Teri has a bright light over her head as she is really smart.

I want to ask you guys…..If you had a chance to have a common household item just poof out of no where that you could use what would it be?

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What in Z World? (Week 8)

I was flying around the house today and came across this item.   I wasn’t sure what it was at all so I thought it would be great to use this week on the “What in Z World Contest”!  The best part this week is we are doing it backwards.  This time I am going to take the picture from a ways back and later a close up.  Good luck someone might get this one right away.  At least give it a try.

What in Z World?……………….

What in Z World is this?

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What’s Z saying? (2)

Take a look at this picture of RD  and add your comments to what he is saying below!

RD hanging out!

What's Z saying?.......

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Can Someone Pass Me the Soap?

I’m not sure what the code is for cats and why they just hate getting wet.  I think they have been told if they get wet they will melt.  With even a drop it seems they grow extra legs and claws and run like the wind.

Dog in the bath.With dogs the whole bath thing can go either way.  Some do, some don’t!   Rd likes baths because he is always looking for some deer dung to roll in so Hello will have to wash him again.

Fish love to take baths!  I know this because I have yet to see one not in the process of bathing.  Those Fish guys like it so much; Hello has to drop food in while they hang out underwater.  They stay underwater forever and I never see them sleep.  The thing I don’t understand is with all that bathing why do humans say fish smell bad?

I have several interest so I don’t have as much time as Fish to bathe, But, I love getting wet!  Anytime I hear the water turn on I get so excited that it might be my turn to shower.   This week I collected a few pictures of some of my Facebook friends enjoying their shower.
Chiquito playing in the water.This first photo is of Chiquito and her human Liz Visser’s arm.  I love how Chiquito is just hunkered down taking it in.  I think he is trying to be a fish. Through all those drops of water I believe that I can see a smile coming through. You dirty devil your getting clean!

Bella in the shower

Pally Williams took this great photo of Bella taking her bath!  I bet if we were there in the bathroom she would be singing to us.  Look at how she lifts her wings to be sure to get all the feathers.  I do the same thing when I am in the shower but I like to hide my head under my wings. It is kind of a trick I play. I want Hello to think my head went down the drain. Hee Hee

Z with his little bathtub looking at the bubbles

Last of all it is me and my little bathtub!  This bathtub is way to small for me but I like play on it after I take my showers.   I am not to sure about these bubbles floating around in my drinking water but check out this cool bath sponge Hello got.  It fooled all of you on this weeks “What in Z World”.  I loved all of your guesses this week and it could have been all those things but it was just my little sponge buddy I named “Scrub”  I win this week!  Gotcha!

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What in Z World? (Week 7)

It is that time again when I take my weekly trip around the house finding something I need your help with.  Just tell me.  What in Z World? I’ll take a close up of it and you tell me what you think it is.  I will take a bird’s eye view later and see if you are right.  Here we go….Good Luck!

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Be sure to take a guess.  It asks for your email and that is kept private.  I only ask for the email so I don’t get spammed or some crazy answer that would offend someone.  You will get huge bragging rights for this week!

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It surprised me to find that the Queen travels with candy.  I am not talking about the Queen of England’s Dorgis (Dachshund X Corgis mix) dog named Candy but a Queen Bee.  That’s right an actual Queen Bee.  This week I stumped everyone playing “What in Z Word” with my weird little boxy thing.

What more pets?…..

See when going down the list of pets here at the farm I neglected to tell you the pet count included bees.  Really the reason was I sent over the 2010 Census forms and they have not sent them back yet.  I can’t seem to find anyone here to go knock on the door to get the answers.

What is that Weird Little Boxy Thing?……

Ok, Ok, See in every hive there are thousand of bees but only one Queen.  During the spring build up a healthy queen bee will lay about 2000 eggs a day.  She will do this for several years.  As one can imagine this chick gets worn slap out and she will have to be replaced with a new energized fresh queen bee at some point.  This happens naturally in nature using several different methods.  For the hobbyist or professional this can become a matter of production or to protect the survival of the colony.

Bee enthusiast will periodically shop for a queen and the weird little boxy thing is what the queen travels in.

The Queens Travel Box

So What’s Up With The Candy?……

You can’t just throw a new queen in an already existing hive and think it is going to go over well.  No way!  Bees are very protective about their hive.  The Queen simply has to be introduced to the colony.  The colony can consist of about 40,000 to 60,000 bees so a receiving line is out of the question.  The little boxy thing provides security to the queen while the new colony adjusts to her scent.  When the queen is placed inside the box a small piece of candy plugs the hole and keeps her from escaping.  The queen will not eat the candy because she has to be feed by the workers.  Queens only lay eggs. (Period)  Once the box is placed in the hive the worker bees begin to pass by the box touching the queen and spreading her scent around the hive and taking a small chunk of candy off of the end.  Like a gift!  Eventually the candy is all gone and the queen’s scent is all over the place offering her an opportunity to leave her chariot and become a part of this new colony.  Cool huh!

Candy here!

Another thing that is cool is that Steve had the winning answer to this weeks “What in Z World” contest.  Congrats!  Be sure to go to our Contact Us page and send us your address to so I can send you a prize for taking the time to play.  Your info will always be kept private.

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