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Fun with Frogs!

Had some pictures stored away that I wanted to share of my frog friends from a Photo shoot! Enjoy the Pictures!

Frog lifting weights
“I put things down and pick things up!”
Frog workout
This is what happens when you work out your legs to much!
Frog work out
Can you spot me?

No animals are ever harmed or injured here at Cockatiel Confessions.  We are all spoiled and happy, however if you want to send us more treats and love you are welcome to.  Contact me here and I will send some homing pigeons to collect the goods!  We hope that you had a wonderful Easter.  Stay tuned as we always have something going on at the farm.


Doggie Workout!

Today I was pecking out the net and came across this video. I really don’t know what to say. If your New Year’s resolution was to get in better shape don’t forget your furry friend. This is a short workout and a great time to bond. Grab a chair and turn it up! It’s time for a workout!

LMFO (Laughing my feathers off)

Link to this on YouTube


Happy Groundhog Day!

Smokey and Z Bird

Smokey wanting me to come outside and discuss the Groundhog Day events!

The saying goes that if  Punxsutawaney Phil (a groundhog) sees his shadow on this day then we will have six more weeks of winter.  Something is bugging me about this whole thing.  I read today that he has seen his shadow 99 times, 15 times no shadow and 9 times no record.  This dude is OLD!  He would be like 123.  That’s not his shadow he saw…. that was death chasing him! The oldest reported wild groundhog lived a whopping 6 and a half years.  I don’t know about this Phil guy.  

Have you ever heard the story about how the goldfish died and the parents just swapped it for a look-a-like?  I think we need to keep an eye on that group there in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  

I also read Phil actaully lives in the Punxsutawney Library in a climate-controlled home.  He thrives on a buffet of dog food and ice cream.  Sometime before Feb 2nd Phil is “placed” in a heated burrow underneath a tree stump that is on a stage located at Gobbler’s Knob.  Phil is pulled out somewhere between 7:20 and 7:30 am in front of a many as 35,000 people.  This whole event wasn’t that popular until Bill Murray starred in a film back in 1993 named Groundhog Day.  

Now it seems several states are jumping on the event and bringing out their best groundhog.   Ohio has Buckeye Chuck whom did not see his shadow and Staten Island Chuck also reported no shadow.  Texas couldn’t produce a groundhog so they settled for an armadillo named Bee Cave Bob.  This is the first time Texas has depended on Bob’s prediction but they do claim that he has been right 98.6 percent of the time.  If  this is his first time  Bee Cave Bob weighed in how do we get these numbers? 

Here at the farm I nominate me (Z Bird) as the official weather forecaster extraordinaire.  I am always 100 percent correct and I say it’s going to be a long winter!!!!!  

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