Just going to meet up with my friend!

Zbird decides to visit his old buddy Jack Sparrow!

Jack Sparrow's home

Jack Sparrow has a great home.  He even has a hot tub!  He will not let anyone use it because he says it is just for his lady friends!

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!  Anyone home?  Hello!

Oh MY Gees!

RaahhhKkkk!  Who are you and where is Jack Sparrow?

I’m Mr. Squirmski!  Jack went on vacation and left me in charge!  What do you want?

I have an idea!

Yes! Mr. Squirmski!  Jack hired me to do some work on his house.  A bad storm came by and he said the roof is leaking.  I must check it out.  You may hear a little knocking around but no worries I have it under control!

I'm going up!

Now this may take a while so you just go back to what you were doing and I will come get you if I need you.

Check this out!

This chimney kinda tastes good!  If I bang around a little my plan may work!

I'm doing a bang up job!

I’ll just bang on the roof for a moment!  I love when a plan comes together!

Lookey here at what I have found!

Ahhhh!  Look at what I have found. The famous hot tub!  Maybe I will get in?

Need Help!

Hey Zbird can I help you?  I thought you were working on the roof?

Oh no Mr. Squirmski.  I found the problem.  Some of this bark got damaged from the storm.  I will be working up here for a while.

Oh no!!

Oh no!  Mr. Squirmski!  The back is in awful shape.  You don’t worry about me I will be here for a long time.

Ok Zbird!  Let me know if I can help!

Ahhhh! Come on Ladies!

Let the party begin!  Ladies come to Daddy!  Ahhhh!  Who’s your Daddy?


Is that music that I hear?  What’s going on?

What!  A Party!

I’m calling the Pound!  You Birdbrain!  I knew you were up to no good!

That's It! Done!

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