Charlie the parakeet

Interview with Charlie the Parakeet by Cockatiel Confessions

CC:  Charlie what is the difference between a Budgerigar and a Parakeet?

Charlie:  Depends on if you can say Budgerigar.  If you like the word Parakeet I would go with that.  I only say words that are fun and get me excited.

CC: What type of words do you like to say?

Charlie:  I like “Pretty Bird Charlie” and “What are you doing?”  I love to laugh most of all so if you say my name I just laugh.

Charlie the parakeet and his bell

CC: What type of things do you like to do?

Charlie:  I love Bells most of all!  I have several around my home.  I can entertain myself for hours just ringing my bells.  I also like to hear myself talk in my big bell.  I will stick my head inside it and talk to myself.  It makes weird echos and I like the way it sounds.

CC: Your best friend is a Cockatiel named ZBird.   Tell us more about that.

Charlie:  Not sure I would call him my best friend.  He is a true trouble maker.  He tends to get bored and starts to make this one sound that annoys Hello (our human).  When he gets real crazy with that noise she will cover him.  I like to get him started then I sit back and watch her cover him.   I always laugh. I am much smarter than ZBird!

CC: Charlie you do realize that this is my(ZBird’s) Blog and I am interviewing you?  You can’t say things like that!

Charlie:  Like what?

CC:  That you are smarter than me?

Charlie: Well this is my interview right?  I can express my opinion right?

CC: Yes! I suppose.

Charlie: Opinions are like seeds and everyone has one so I thought I would share mine.  So it is like you are getting more seeds than me and that has to mean something right?

CC: Yeah!  You are right.

Charlie:  I know so lets move on.

Charlie the budgerigar

CC: Ok Great!  Most people can’t believe that parakeets talk.  Why did you decide to?

Charlie:  I started being taught at an early age and I never had anyone else to talk to other than Hello(my human).  She said if I had a parakeet buddy I would try and be a bird and not bond with her.  She also would not let me look at myself in a mirror as that would be like I was with a bird.

CC: So hello spent a bunch of time with you teaching you to talk?

Charlie:  She would set time aside and taught me one word.  Once I got that one the rest was easier.

CC: How much time would she set aside for you?

Charlie:  Much more than that dumb loud mouth I share to room with.  That is why I get him started up with the annoying sound.  He gets covered and I get time!

CC: Charlie!  Hello I share the room with you!  Are you kidding me?  You pull that stuff?

Charlie: Yeah!  That’s how I roll!

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