I ate the Devil's Ivy!Last week I took something from the Devil.

What happened was Hello was spring cleaning and moved all the furniture around.   I am an expert at linking things together to get me all the way around the room without using my wings.  She says that birds are like children “If they are quiet they are up to no good.”

I was very quiet when I approached the bowl of green stuff.   The bowl was so full it was hanging over the edge.  I was sneaky when I took my first bite out of  it’s soft green flesh!  It was good!  It was so yummy I could not stop!  I didn’t like the way it looked hanging all over the side so I decided to trim it all away.  The leaves were crisp and I loved the way they sounded as I sliced my beak through each leaf.  I was absolutely having a ball when out of no where “Z, What are you doing” made me come to a halt.  Hello whisked me up and carried me away.

Come to find out I had taken Ivy from the Devil!  I was so scared.  Would the Devil come and get me?  Hello rushed me in the bathroom where she put me in the bright light and observed me.   I was hoping that Hello was stronger than the Devil and could protect me.  All of the sudden my mouth started tasting funny.  I was trying to get the taste out by biting at the air but the burning wouldn’t stop.  The Devil had entered my belly and was taking his plant back.

Epipremnum aureum Devil's Ivy or Golden PothosHello grabbed the bird Bible.  It has lot of pictures of birds in it and words that would may save me from the Devil.   The Latin name of the plant is Epipremnum aureum.   The common everyday name is Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy.  Devil’s Ivy is not deadly for birds but can cause oral irritation. Note: Some humans have lost their pets when they ate non-poisonous plants.  What happened was they purchased or treated their plants with pesticides that were poisonous and deadly.

The Devil didn’t come get me that night but he made me feel bad for taking his plant. I don’t ever want to make the Devil mad but I sure do like that plant!

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