Today I am exhibiting an original piece of work that was done by my very own human!  Hello did this back in 1988 for a project in school.  I found this deep in her closet.  I decided to feature it because it had animals, she made it and gave me the ok to show it and I thought it was just cool.  If you really look at it you will see how it was made.  The actual original was made with a 6×6 inch sheet of black paper.  She cut out the design with an X-acto knife. (I am not allowed to play with those)  Then she folded the cut outs to the outside and glued them down. Cool huh!  Over the years it fell apart so she made this one with pen and ink.

Done by Hello

I love to share creative things!  If you or someone you know has something that we can feature on “Zart” be sure to let me know!  The only requirements are.   It has to be animal themed, you are the actual artist and give me permission to use it and I have to like it!  Be sure to Contact me if you have a goody you want to share.

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