I’m no Artist! … Or am I? I have seen my share of art in my pea pecking days and I still don’t get the white canvas with the Red dot off to the right! I’m not paying $10,000 for that! Modern/Contemporary/Abstract call it what you want!

ZBird Warholizing.egg by ZBird1 on Aviary

by ZBird1 on Aviary

What I have here is an original work that I did myself. I not only have included several different colors from my pallet but an actual image of a very famous bird! +3 (plus 3) That is right 4 separate images of myself in an array of colors. This is a wonderful deal. I went totally green and used no paper, canvas or paint! Totally intangible! If you look closely in the center you may find some words but just look closely. Don’t read anymore until you look!!!…………Look again!……… Ok .. so you didn’t see the words… I said you may and….maybe you did but I did not include any so you got a bonus if you did.

I am going to give my readers a special deal of the day. I am only going to charge you for looking at this fine piece of art and I know that you looked for those words and all because you trust the Z Bird. I trust you too! That is what friendship is all about right? I also trust that you are going to correctly calculate how long you looked at the artwork. Us being friends and all you may even look again to make me feel like my art impressed you and it’s so stunning that you could not take your eyes off it. When I made it I was stunned myself and you can see it by the tilt of my head in the actual piece. This is a total action shot! +3 (plus 3) That is a lot of action for one piece of art! I bet if you could touch it your finger would burn from all that action.

Art is hard work and you have to put a ton of thought into it. I put a lot of hard work and thought into what I thought was fair compensation for my piece of art and being that you are such a great friend I want to give you a special deal. For all the ladies you can pay me in air smooches and for you guys in thumbs ups. That’s right 1 air smooch/thumbs up for every second you looked at this incredible, fantastic piece of art! Be sure to take one more goooood look and make sure this is the piece that you want because it is going to go fast and who knows when I will have enough energy to do art again? Enjoy!

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