CowA man had just come home from work and had decided to take a rest in his favorite reclining chair. He had indulged in a couple of ice cold drinks from the fridge and was now falling off into a blissful slumber. He was startled when the phone next to his chair rang and a police officer introduced himself. He asked the man -who just got off from work and was tired- if he owned any cows.

The man was sure that he was dreaming when all the sudden he remembered that he had in fact inherited some land and cows from his now aging father. The (tired and not really wanting to own cows) man admitted to the policeman that sure enough there were cows that he owned. The police officer then proceeded to tell the man that the cows were currently standing on the highway. The man realizing that this cow on the highway was becoming a reoccurring problem as it had happened many times since his inheriting them. The tired and exhausted man (who we will now call a Farmer because he had handled the situation many times before) told the office that he would be right there to get them off the highway.

The farmer/ aggravated man jumped in his truck and drove less than a mile to where the officer stood at the broken down fence pointing to a heard of cows – Yeap standing on the highway. The officer seeming to be happy that he made the discovery was more than willing to jump right in and herd the cows back to their grazing lands. They ran left and right across the highway blocking off cars as they grouped them and guided them back in through the broken fence.

Everything was going well as the officer and the farmer mended the fence so that the incident was behind them. The farmer took a big breath and a sigh of relief that his recliner and he would soon be reunited. While shaking the officers hand and thanking him for his assistance the officer tilted his head. “Sir Have you been drinking?” The officer asked. The farmer replied “I had a couple when I got home from work, Why”

The officer then arrested the drug out of a dream, drug out of a reclining chair, drive less than a mile, ran back and forth across the road to heard cows, mend a fence with the happy cop and took him to jail for DUI.

Once the mad farmer posted bond, went to court, paid his ticket, did a driving class, watched his insurance rise, now has a record and couldn’t get rid of the cows because it would devastate his dying Father he know just what to do.

Cows stand here!He installed an asphalt strip straight down the middle of the pasture with yellow lines and everything! That’s right -”If the cows want to stand on the highway. I’ll give them one to stand on!” you can hear the farmer say sitting in his lawn chair, looking out at his cows and drinking a cold one.

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